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"The 9th session of the Wuqiao (Wu's Bridge, a local village) International Acrobatic Festival will be held tomorrow." Same as yesterday this picture is of an event organizer and the article talks about how he will be a guest on the newspapers web site. He also might be a recruiter for an American talent agency I think that sentence is a little rough to translate though. In addition, I would like to add that the school is going to spend the money. So I will be going to see the show. I am quite happy. Honoring guests wins out over thriftiness. I really should have realized it would but having been in a bad mood recently I tend to focus on the negative.


"The Acrobatic Festival head organizer is a guest in our chat room today." Every year at this time there is an acrobatics festival. I would really like to go but do not know if I will be able to. Unfortunately the new student here mentioned, to the head of our school, that he would like to go watch the acrobats. As the student is a guest, and because the word "like" has been mistranslated for over 100 years, the head of our school was obligated to offer to take us. In Chinese when you say you like something it often really means you want it. I heard that the cost for tickets is 200RMB so I think this will not materialize. This also means though that the festival won't be mentioned so it becomes even more difficult for us to go by ourselves.
Very cool picturees of the solar storm that is happening. I am not sure if it is too late but see if you can see auroras. From what I understand this is the best opportunity that those who live in southern places may ever have. I saw them once in the mountains of New Mexico it was very cool and I think well worth taking a look outside for.


"Shijiazhunag Police begin explosives disposal." The local police disposed of many bullets and fireworks. Along with the more normal explosives they also disposed of 12 old bombs, 141 hand grenades and 4 land mines. Sounds like home. I wonder though how long the land mines were sitting round. Recently in the paper there has been some reporting about visiting Japanese bomb disposal crews helping to get rid of poison gas land mines left over from the occupation. The estimates I have seen have been in the tens of thousands in Hebei province alone. The next time someone tells me I should go on a nature walk for my health I think I will bring up this topic.


Madame Chiang Kai Shek died at 105 yesterday in New York.
"United States Congressman and UPS visiting delegation visit." Congressman James Ke-lai-le-en (translating western names from chinese back to english has to be one of the most maddening tasks there is, if I figure it out i will put it here) comes to donate $100,000 in computer stuff to some school other than the one I am attending.


Yesterday's funny headline has been cleared up with the help of Wong Laoshi. It appears that the last two characters which I had thought meant something like "omits spear with two points" has another older meaning that many people do not know. It can also mean "broken wing" this in turn means "attacked and wounded." So the translation should read, "Crazed drug dealer is attacked and wounded in the capitol city." On the plus side this reading of the last two characters was not known by some of my Chinese classmates. It felt really cool to be able to teach a little Chinese to the Chinese. Apparently this particular paper is known for using very old weird words and also inventing new ones. In America ask random people what the phrase "sumptuary laws" means. This is the type of language that this phrase was. By no means does this episode mean that the Chinese have trouble reading their own language. They have just as much trouble reading their language as English speakers have reading English.
"Crazed drug dealer forgets the capitol city is a spear with two points." Or something like that. I stayed up too late last night so further work will have to wait until tomorrow.


I think I am making progress and then I see something like this. I think that the headline means something like, "The trees in a forested area announce the coming of the Autumn time to plant trees." Word for word it is "Trunk Announce And Small Wall Forested area Start Autumn To observe Scenery To plant Tree Activity." Learning languages is ridiculously frustrating at times. What's scarier is the first and second paragraph start out by being even more incomprehensible. I think the reporter was waxing lyrical. It begins, "Twenty thousand torches, red red red, wait for you to fill your eyes with the good fortune of seeing rare beauty. Fifty thousand saplings, branchy green green, wait for you personally (use your dear hands) to plant them. Benbao News: becoming 'se' (my dictionary identifies this as "a musical instrument") the autumn wind plays them, 200,000 torches trees dyed red, capital city of the 'Green Lung'..." Upon further reflection I think the headline reads "Benbao and Xiaobi forested areas start Autumn sight seeing and tree planting activities." (elapsed time 40 minutes...20 past my deadline but this was annoying me.) (edit: fixed split infinitive...not sure why considering how many other errors probably slipped through my quick check)


Six large businesses in our city give a helping hand to six art institutes and troupes


Guess who gets beatified today. Personally I think sainthood is cool. Of course being born a lutheran I could save Catholics a lot of trouble by informing them that we all are saints anyway. They seem to have fun doing it though and some of the saints are really fun. Other people seem to be a little bitter though and think that beatification was not the best choice.


"The returned capsule is moved to Beijing Spaceflight City."


"Today's dream is successful and a part of history--China hits it right on the button with their first manned space flight." Please remember I am translating this and making lots of mistakes. If anyone knows what the phrase Zhi2ji1 really means please tell me.
A Second manned space mission is being planned by the Chinese. This is a very interesting article. One thing that caught my eye though was the part of the article that mentioned what countries had sent official congratulations. There is no mention of America. I wonder if this is because America did not offer congratulations or that the author of the article does not want to mention that America sent congratulations.


The BBC seems to be available now in China. I wonder if this is because of the moon shot? During the war on Iraq cnn.com became available. Perhaps the government wants to let people see there success from many different sources.


Maybe less than twelve hours to go.


"Going into China's first space harbor." Translation of the headline and first sentence by me. "In this place the line of sight extends to the ultimate reaches of the sky and the Gobi continues without end." Keep in mind I am not translating word for word instead I am trying to stay true to the feeling and meaning of the words. For instance in that sentence I think a true translation would not say "in this place." I think that a word for word translation would be, "The line of sight extends to the end of the sky, the Gobi is boundless."
My Country will launch its first manned space flight between October 15th and 17th. A very rough translation. I cant figure out what the 3rd and 4th from the end characters mean. Individually they mean choosing and machine. Maybe this means it is up to some kind of forecasting equipment or it could mean something else entirely I have found guessing the meaning of words from the characters they are comprised of to be a losing battle. For all I know it Mr. Zhai Ji's name. For the curious the characters used in the name of the rocket "Shenzhou" have really cool meanings. The first character means: God, unusual, mysterious, spirit, divine, essence, lively, or spiritual being. The second character means boat. My translation of the name is "Chariot of the Gods." I have a feeling the Chinese National Space Agency wouldn't agree with my translation.


6 days to go


Former Senator Max Cleland wrote a stinging essay showing exactly how important learning from history is. I would add though that after learning one must put that knowledge into action. History is full of knowledgeable people doing stupid things. Unity of thought and action is very hard to achieve but well worth the struggle.


Hello Apple!
Happy Birthday Beijing!


Scientific American: China's Great Leap Upward -- [ HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT ] -- By boosting astronauts into orbit, China hopes to become the newest superpower in space I am really getting excited about the potential of China launching men into space. Right now my money is on an October 1 launch date. National Day would be an incredibly auspicious day for the launch. Now if only I could figure out how to get over to watch the launch.
Chip makers flock to China and I wonder if these problems will now be moved to China rather than being fixed.


China is getting set to try and launch a man into space. This is cool. I only wish I could go to Shenzhen and watch.


Katherine Cheung, 98; Immigrant Was Nation's First Licensed Asian American Woman Pilot The Chinese Amelia Earhart dies.
The EMI Group reports to shareholders that in 2003 their sales dropped by 12.6%. They note that there were many reasons for this fall in sales. Meanwhile the RIAA is reporting through one of their mouthpieces--CNN, part of the AOL/TIME Warner media Deathstar--that sales have dropped over 30% because of piracy. Now this drop might be true, it probably is unfair of me to compare one company to all of the RIAA, but I wonder what would be revealed by looking at all of the RIAA member's stock holder reports. Perhaps like EMI, who report an 84% increase in operating profits, their sales are down but their profits continue rise.


"The Post-Modern President" by Joshua Micah Marshall is one of the most insightful things I have read about the current administration. The fear and demeaning of intellectuals by certain segments of American society blows my mind. I wonder if any of these conservatives ever looked at what happened when this type of paranoia swept through China. It would be interesting to confront them and tell them that I think they are commies engaged in a new cultural revolution.


I am still alive but still do not have the time to work much on the internet. To tide you over how about letting Dashaninsult you in Chinese.


This won't be updated for a little while. I will most likely not have any computer access for about 2 weeks. See y'all later.


Why do this right before Bush is going to meet Hu? I think that politically it would have been much smarter to wait until after the meeting. Unless of course they did it hoping that it will pull the Chinese focus from much more important matters like steel and farm subsidies, and international aid.

I have thought some more about this and it could be an ominous sign. Bush just finished talking to Koizumi about getting tougher with North Korea. China, of course, being neighbors with North Korea thinks that everyone should proceed slowly and cautiously. So as they have shown they are apt to do the White House issued the first strike. The biggest problem is though I think that the White House is still opperating under the Cold War assumption that China will surely defend and aid their fellow commies to the death in North Korea. So perhaps they think that they must act hostily toward China in order to cow them or cause them to get in an arms race, it worked against Russia. They were commies so of course China is the same as them. In fact China is more interested in trading with South Korea. They do not want North Korea to become the next Iraq. Imagine if Mexico had nukes and China decided that they must be disarmed RIGHT NOW! No matter whether Mexico was a friend or foe you folks living in New Mexico surely would not want China to invade. I still think it would have been much better to wait until after the meeting.

Interesting take on the pending tax cuts by a man who would benifit. Dividend Voodoo (washingtonpost.com)


So while the Communist Party moves toward capitalism and an open market the Republican party moves toward socialism and a controlled market. I really wish my Uncle Monte was here to share this with.


Answering SARS (washingtonpost.com)
New disclosures by the Chinese government have heightened the world community's sense of alarm over the spread of SARS
What new disclosures? Apparently the Washington Post doesn't know either as they have none only a shortcut to a gallery of pictures which were all taken in April. I guess, "Look at our old pictures from China," doesn't get the advertisers attention. (The text and link is located at the bottom right corner of the page.)
Modern technology makes rumours more powerful. SARS rumours spread at the speed of light thanks to text messaging.
Happy news today in Shijiazhuang. Five SARS patients were released with a clean bill of health. I don't think patients normally receive bouquets from the staff when they are released but makes for a nice photo here.


That bitter old drunk McCarthy would be happy to see that hollywood still likes to blacklist. Pay special attention to the wording at the end of the article "This has nothing to do with race or censorship. It has everything to do with and American citizen being held responsible for his words and actions." I couldn't find it myself but I swear I read this exact quote either from McCarthy or Cohn.
I wonder if Berkeley has heard about this and changed their policy accordingly. No students from Canada or Tennessee.


michaelw.net George Bush's resume by Kelly Kramer
Took the biggest world sympathy for the US after 911, and in less than a year made the US the most resented country in the world (possibly the biggest diplomatic failure in US and world history).


Unveiling the newest SARS fashion and gear. This type of story is becoming more and more common in Chinese newspapers. As you may have noticed the paper that I am reading most often is Hebei Ribao (Hebei Daily News). Although it is no surprise that the news would have many articles about the positive aspects of the fight with SARS, there is one facet of this that I find to be very interesting. I have been trying to read the newspapers but to be quite honest browsing the headlines would be a more apt relation of what I do. My Chinese still is not at a sufficient level to really read a newspaper. Consequently I spend alot of time looking at pages like this. Recently there has been a change on the front page of the paper. Just below the picture there is always the box full of links to stories that you would click daily. Until earlier this week the first link always led to the daily SARS statistics. This has changed in the last week though and now if you click the top link you are taken to this page. That page is an honor roll of what companies and groups have donated the most to the fight against SARS.

The honoring of those who have donated is not just limited to the Hebei Daily. I have talked to some of my Chinese friends and they say that they have begun to see many stories appear in all of the Chinese newspapers they read. So why is there a big focus on these donations? I mean if the Chinese government wishes to show that it is doing all it can it could, and does, publish countless stories about the heroic efforts of the government to fight SARS. I do not know whether this type of thing happens in American media during an ongoing natural disaster or not. The only times I have lived through natural disasters were in Houston when I was very young. I think that it is a sign of the new direction that communism has taken in this country.

When I first arrived in China I heard that the CCP had anounced that businessmen were in fact part of the proletariat. When I first heard this news I was floored. By definition how can businessmen be proletarians? This recent development in Chinese media shows that the party is approaching business through the media in just such a fashion. Businessmen truly are part of the Chinese proletariat. I think these articles are a subtle type of Stakhanovism. I think that party is reminding the private entrepeneur and businessmen that although they have been allowed free reign in the marketplace there comes a time when they must remember their responsibilites to the party, state and society.

Of course I could be completely wrong and the Stakhanov tactic may have been heisted from the Chinese by the Russians. I have noticed that at traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies it is loudly proclaimed who gave how much. A list is even made and posted so that it is the first thing that is seen when entering the courtyard of a house. So this new thing could be an unconcious attempt by the merchant class to move up to the level of literati in a re-emerging Confucian social structure. Just another lesson for myself, I will never fully understand China. Luckily I really enjoy trying, and I am holding out for my 60th birthday when Confucious assured me that it will all come clear.

If anyone has any insight into this particular problem please send me an e-mail and enlighten me.

I hope that this story starts to have an affect soon.
Excellent editorial on the problems with corporate media in The New York Times, "The China Syndrome."
Instant Bouillabaisse a crime?
It is good to see I can still count on the funny pages to give me the most accurate reporting. FoxTrot Thank you Mike Kelley for sending this to me.


Hmm I wonder what Leung was doing 12 years ago, when it appears suspicion was first squashed, and why the mainstream media isn't making a connection.
Interesting development at Berkeley. I wonder if it was money or alumni that allowed this select group in. The article notes that they must provide information attesting to their good health but it doesn't note that anyone travelling from anywhere in China must provide this same information just to board a train or plane. They only allow as many people from SARS affected regions as they can handle in quarantine but fail to mention if those students are from Canada then as many as want to can come.
Moms in quarantine get good wishes and presents from their families who miss them. It is particularly hard for many families because many of the children are now not in school while their parents are being held in quarantine.
Excellent article on why it is not a good idea to compare Japan and Iraq, "Why Iraq is not Japan." I found that article at this incredibly amazing site. Anyone who needs somewhere to practice their second language should bookmark this page. ISSHO Kikaku
Hey if any of you New Mexicans see President Bush be sure to ask him about this for me? See if he finds it as ironic as I do. I thought it was hilarious but I have always had a strange sense of humor.


Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mom.
I wonder why this isn't coming up in any of the stories about Ms. Leung now? Lieberman Seeks Donations Probe (washingtonpost.com)
Great! Lisa Rose Weaver is apparently allowed to write about China and broadcast it to the world and yet she incorrectly identifies the capitol of Hebei province. THE CAPITOL OF HEBEI IS SHIJIAZHUANG NOT BAODING. I am guessing she is not from Des Moines.
I always thought Neil Diamond was the ultimate rock and roll rebel. So I guess that makes this man the ultimate imitator. The Black Diamond - An Unreal Neil Experience
Berkeley a hot bed of racism? Life is hilarious. Next it will be reported that Bob Jones (Edited: Initially wrote BobYoung, perhaps I should be a litlle bit easier on the CNN mistake) University has decided to institute affirmative action.

I would go further than the author though and suggest that instead of making the ban larger and including Vietnam and Canada they should broaden the ban by including other potentially fatal transmitable diseases. Anyone in your country die of Pneumonia this year, sorry you can't come. I hear Africa has a large problem with AIDS so lets not stop with countries lets go for whole continents.

Come to think of it most college age people do not die from disease they die from car accidents, homicides, suicides, drug over doses, binge drinking and various and sundry other problems so logically to keep the kids safe at Berkeley shouldn't we ban students with a high probability of these actions?

"You say your from New Mexico? Sorry you can't come to our school research shows that you have a high chance of being a drunk driver. You know it is just for the safety of other students that we make this decision." I guess all of America should be banned from Berkeley as an American college student still has a higher chance of being murdered with a gun than a Chinese college student does of dying from SARS.

Institute of higher learning my ass. And to think I often said that this was one of the programs I would like to apply to. I wonder what the relationship is like between the author of this article and the Chancellor is now. I guess I would still consider going here afterall idiots are unavoidable no matter where you go. It is a shame though when the become the ones who run things.


Always nice when someone agrees with you that someone else is an idiot.
More people from all sides of the political spectrum are beginning to question the media hysteria.
Down under some people are starting to realize the real danger of SARS, fear. Meanwhile it appears that the people over at CNN and MSNBC went to the William Randolph Hearst school of journalism. "Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war."
Some lessons in life are so important they must be shared.
Interesting it appears that the, SARS started in America, rumour may have some truth to it. I don't think so myself, seems to be a bit of a strech in time from the outbreak in November but who knows.Link
Oops my first correction. I noted earlier that exams would be postponed. This is not the case they will carry on. I am not a victim of rumours but of my poor translating abilities!!
Today was rather interesting. I had two very funny experiences with cultural expectations.

This afternoon during my Chinese class my teacher, Liu Laoshi, was regaling us with some tales of his time living in Las Cruces. I like this technique for teaching us new vocabulary and practicing our listening. It is much more interesting than listening to boring canned dialogues. Liu Laoshi lived as a student in Las Cruces during the early 1980s. Of course during this time he was quite the "Stranger in a Strange Land." Today he was illustrating how important using the correct tone is. A chinese word for educator is jiaoshi this is also the term for classroom or priest if you use a different tone on the last syllable. So our teacher used these words to tell us a story about his time in Las Cruces.

He said that he sometimes would take a walk down Locust and visit the churches there. The first few times he went he did not realize that you had to be there at a certain time or it is a pretty boring empty building. So on his next visit he made sure to show up for a Sunday service. The priest was quite happy to have a visitor from afar and invited Liu laoshi to partake in communion. My teacher informed me that he did not like this very much. I expected that the next five minutes I would have to spend listening to a lecture on how religion is just superstition, isn't it ridiculous that smart modern people participate in this ceremony blah blah blah... I was wrong. Instead he told us how the priest came to him and tore a piece of bread from a loaf and handed it to him. My teacher respectfully waited until the priest had moved on and surreptiously slipped the piece of bread into his pocket. I asked him why he did this. My teacher told me that he found the idea of putting the bread in his mouth to be disgusting. I thought...well that is reasonable eating something that is said to represent the body of Christ could seem very disgusting it sounds a bit like canibalism. My teacher really shocked me though with the next thing he said. He thought it was disgusting because the preacher used his hands to tear the bread apart. Another person's hands on the food he is going to put in his mouth, gross! In addition he said that the priest had dirty fingernails. I can't say that I blame him for avoiding eating it.

My second experience today I got to be the one to shock someone else out of there expectations. One of the students, Sharie, here has been telling me that she learned a song that she wanted to sing to me but was embarassed to sing it in front of others. Finally tonight it was just me her and another student together so she thought it would be ok to sing. So she broke out into song "Solidarity Forever...Solidarity Forever...Solidarity Forever..." (MP3 (5.265mb)) (lyrics) What a shock it was to her when I joined in. Even more of a shock was when she sang, "For the PARTY makes us strong," and I sang, "For the UNION makes us strong." She quickly recovered though and told me that she bet I didn't know what country this song originally came from. She later informed me that at this point she was sure that I would say China or Russia. I immediately informed her that the song was an American song. Still she wanted best the the resident smart ass and said that she knew exactly where it came from in American history and that she knew Americans didn't study that part of their own history. She was not dealing with just any smart ass here though.

Dr. Marsha Weisiger is one of the best teachers I have ever had. During her history of the American West class she made the history come alive. She not only taught us the facts she also used many mediums other than the traditional lecture. During a lecture on the role of the labor movement in the history of the American West she sang for us this song. She also gave us all of the history that went along with it including where the tune "John Brown's Body" came from. So thanks to Dr. Weisiger I was fully prepared. I went into full lecture mode. To make a long story short Sharie was stunned.

She told me that she had been taught that Americans do not learn this type of history. I told her that she was partially correct. Most Americans probably never did study it. Most probably would have wondered who changed the words to "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic." I told her not to worry though that I also had learned many things about China during high school that had turned out to be wrong. For instance I thought all Chinese would look on religion with total and complete disdain.

If you are still here and read this far and happen to have a photo of the monument to the Hay Market Riots in Chicago I woud surely appreciate you e-mailing it to me the students here would like to see it alot. They find it hard to believe that the capitalist pigs would actually still have a monument to one of the birth places of the international labor movement. We stopped celebrating May Day afterall.


A new book is out that purports that Asians are less creative than Westerners because they do not use alphabets. I think this reviewer or the book author (I haven't read the book nor do I plan to) need to try a google search using the words "Korea Alphabet" don't forget a Korean man beat Gutenberg to the punch on that moveable type thing. This news from today shows that in fact people who grow up without alphabets can be quite creative. Now I know what to do when they run out of masks here.
Two faces and half a brain, why does the Bush administration keep this man around? Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The two faces of Rumsfeld
The two faces of Rumsfeld 2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea 2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change

Well the local news got a little better today. No new suspected cases of SARS have been reported so the total there has dropped to 17. Two of the old suspected cases have been confirmed bringing that total up to 9. So far though no one has died here yet which is great. I think that the slow growth of suspected combined with the fact that all of the confirmed have been moved from suspected is a good sign. Seems to me like the disease has been contained here. Further north in the state things are a little bit worse the city of Baoding is getting hit particularly hard though nothing like the scale seen in Toronto or Beijing. That is one thing to keep in mind when looking at these numbers most of these Chinese cities are at least two to three times the size of Toronto so you need to adjust accordingly.


Well due to the unreasonable fear that has permeated life here in China. I am swinging between my own fear of that fear and boredom. So I have figured I should at least put that boredom to good use so I will get a little writing practice in. Right now there is not much to report on here. Everyone here is prettty much staying at home or in my case at school. The edginess though is palpable. The rumour mill of course is churning like crazy. There is alot of disinformation flowing through word of mouth. Unfortunately one of the first casualties of the fear was the closing of all the local net bars along with other public gathering spots. This means that alot of information has been cut off. This has made me into one of the sources for semblance of the truth here on campus. As I have my own computer and can still surf the net. So I try to quash rumours whenever I can. You may be asking yourself what is he doing spending all that time on the web doesn't he have class? Well I still do have class but under advisement of Hu Jintao all students whose classes have not been canceled are advised to take it easy. So the workload has been cut back quite a bit. The governement officially pushed back testing for all the students here in China. I am perfect agreement with them on this move. The last thing we need here is a bunch of students that are cloistered and majorly stressing over finals. The official reasoning is that stress leads to a lowered immune system. This is true but as a happy coincidence I think lowered stress will also lead to more social stability. Perhaps I have seen to many videos of students protesting in somewhat violent fashion around the planet at times of stress. Here is an interesting research project if someone is interested. See how often student uprisings coincide with empending examinations if there is any correlation at all. In addition to the lightening of the study load the number of classes I am teaching has been reduced. Once a week I used to go to a middle/high school where I led three classes. Jeremy and I went to the school on the same day. When we got there they asked us who wanted to teach the younger students and who wanted to teach the older. All of our classes use the same book so that did not make much difference. The Chinese teachers were abit stunned by the vary scientific method I used to determine which group we would each take, the coin toss. This is actually more difficult than it sounds as I forgot until after I threw the coin that there are no heads on chinese coins. Well I won the older students. I don't really miss this at all. I pretty much had the job of a performing monkey in front of a very large class of students. It would not be so bad if I was allowed to talk about whatever I wanted and followed up with questions like I did last semester. This semester we are using a Dick and Jane reader straight from 1950s Britain. The first story was about a woman coyly lying about her age to her doctor. If her husband was 30 when she married and is 60 now; and she was 18 when they married then she must be 36 now...how droll. Last semester I got to talk about whatever I wanted, of course our exchange was to another college so the students English was better. I first talked about my version of how Britain economically rose above the rest of the world, then I talked about religions of American, my topics were literally whatever I wanted and the question portion of the course was always entertaining. Of course their was always an Iraq question, they did not seem too satisfied by my admitting that I really didn't know enough about the history of the middle east to comment. Well I need to take a break and let Jeremy check his e-mail, zaijian Looks like I am a little too lustful. The Dante's Inferno Test has banished me to the Second Level of Hell! Here is how I matched up against all the levels: Level | Score | New Neighbors Purgatory | High | Repenting Believers Level 1 - Limbo | Moderate | Virtuous Non-Believers Level 2 | Very High | Lustful Level 3 | Low | Gluttonous Level 4 | Very Low | Prodigal and Avaricious Level 5 | Low | Wrathful and Gloomy Level 6 - The City of Dis | Very Low | Heretics Level 7 | Moderate | Violent Level 8- the Malebolge | Moderate | Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers Level 9 - Cocytus | Low | Treacherous Level Descriptions Take the test
Does this really surprise anyone?
Prolific midwest reporter Danny Schechter quotes a French source discussing the media situation here in China:
MediaChannel.org | News Dissector Web Log
CHINESE MEDIA TARGETS SARS Agence France Press reports from Beijing: "BODY: China's government has cranked up its powerful propaganda machine, this time not to target corruption or "evil cults" but a new menace it calls "a savage attack against mankind" -- SARS. Television, radio stations and newspapers -- all of which are state controlled -- have gone into overdrive, churning out almost non-stop coverage of the battle against SARS reminiscent of political campaigns during the Mao era. "Splashed across front pages of major newspapers day after day are pictures of white-uniformed, masked doctors and nurses attending to patients suffering from the deadly new disease. "Tear-jerking melodramatic scenes dominating television screens show nurses and doctors bravely saying farewell to their families as they "head to the frontlines" to fight against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. A poster-size spread in the Beijing Times last week depicted a drawing of a masked doctor in blue uniform with his fist in the air against a red background -- reviving images of communist revolution fighters. "This is the Chinese government's attempt at regaining public faith after being criticized for covering up the extent of SARS' spread in China, especially in the capital."
Why is it that when the government controls the media and does not report it is considered censorship and when it does it is considered propaganda. I have noticed that these words are not tossed so casually about when the same is done by corporate controlled media. Is it censorship that none of the major three networks in the US ever mentioned depleted uranium during the invasion of Iraq?
MediaChannel.org | News Dissector Web Log
Since the beginning of the year, the words "depleted uranium" have not been uttered once on ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News or NBC Nightly News, according to Nexis.

Todays totals 5 confirmed 19 suspected remember this is in a metropolitan area of approximately 7,000,000 people
Guess who is coming to dinner?
Lisa Rein blogs about how the consolidation of the media is dangerous to your health. Here is a source document from the Minolt, North Dakota police department about the incident and how the Emergency Broadcasting System did not work.


Here are the latest numbers from Hebei Province (English.) There are now 5 cases total in Shijiazhuang but that is actually good news as all three were already suspected cases and the suspected case number has taken a serious drop with 11 being removed from the list and only 1 being added.
The number of cars per train and the availability of shipping by train is being significantly reduced here in China. Yet another sign of the devestating affect this is having on the economy here. Imagine if the government announced that all the interstates in the US were to be changed from 4 lanes to two because of the reduced amount of traffic and goods flowing. You can go here for translation services but in this case they really don't help much. Basically it is a list of different trains and how they will be made up of fewer cars.
Trying to figure out VISA information is very hard.


The "liberal media conspiracy" at work? Everyone knows the mainstream media in America is controlled the question is by who?
I hope this boy's mom is able to return from the newly opened Xiaotangshan SARS hospital in Beijing safely. Don't forget her and other brave moms, like yours, on Mother's Day.
I am really beginning to become concerned about the panic over SARS if people do not start to listen to men like this, life could become very difficult for me. 2 confirmed cases in Shijiazhuang (English Translation the untranslated word means suspected) and holding yet the town and surrounding areas are assuming a greater seige mentality than that seen in Beijing.
This is what I am reading right now


Nothing to see here I just got started and need to sleep.

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